The 31st Seikyo-Cup Speech Contest ~第31回 清教スピーチコンテスト~


 This speech contest is one of the best opportunities for students to express their understanding that they have a mission to create a peaceful world with their neighbors who have different ideas and cultural backgrounds.

 Seikyo Gakuen has been running this school event for over 30 years to embody our school philosophy, which is about the importance of loving our neighbors, and the hope that students will have the significant experience of actively communicating their ideas in a foreign language.

 This contest consists of two parts: one is a recitation section presented by the first year students, and the other is a speech section presented by the E.S.S. members and returnees from abroad.

 In each section, a first, second and third place winner is chosen from among all the participants.

 In this contest, our students also give lively speeches based on
their experiences and awareness of global issues.  They will surely create a peaceful and joyful world in the future.




 このコンテストは2つの部門から構成されています。 1つは1年生による暗唱部門で、もう1つはE.S.S.メンバーと海外留学から帰国した生徒たちによるスピーチ部門です




Speech Section:

First Place: T.O.   What can bring our family a strong bond?

Second Place: H.O.   Keep pursuing my dream

Third Place: K.T.   What changed my life

Judges’ Special Award: M.F.   Qu’est-ce qui m’a changé